What’s Jast about?

It’s time for a new chapter. I know, it’s like the third time everything changes around here. What can I say? I’m 23 and it’s the first time I’m this age, I’ve never been here before. Life is like a wave in constant change that I’m surfing, sometimes online sometimes for real.

Many things happened from the last time I wrote. I traveled a lot, I met new people, I got in touch with people that I thought I would never see again, I hired into my dream job and I started a small business in a new country that is not mine, not even near. Many things worth sharing but I didn’t. Until now. What can I tell you is, I’m so grateful with my life.

Since I start blogging in 2010 I was looking for perfection. I closed a site because I stopped doing what I was doing at that time, then I started this one with many schedules, collaborators, events, words, post not posted, pictures not posted. Many ideas but nothing perfect. Many things changed, my camera stopped being inspired and I stopped being creative in a certain way. I was always judging, looking for excuses and avoiding being critized for what I write. Because I want to be a writer.

But this year something happened to me. I know it will sound kind of weird but some inspiration came to my email and after few of them I started writing again, then I got a typewriter and I resume a project that I stopped. I realize that the pursuit of perfection made me an unhappy writer but when I dropped the idea of being wrong out I decided to back here and write about what I want to.

So… This is new jast, a new chapter of my blog with many things to say.. And yes, my English is not perfect, I also apologize for that in advance but if I don’t take the risk then who I am?

Anyway, thank for being here,


Tomorrow: What fashion & marketing mean to me?

When people ask me: why do you travel that much?

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