When people ask me: why do you travel that much?

Versión en Español

Well, the truth is I was born this way. I’m from Ecuador, a little country with a big emigration rate. We are only 12 million people. I born in a small town at the south of the country called Loja. When I was 7 I moved to Quito, the capital, I stayed there for a year and a half, before moving out to Spain. I was raised in a little beach called Alicante located in the Mediterranean Sea.

When I was 16, I started my trial on business, creating a company with my best friend. What we used to do? Taking pictures at clubs all over the province and posting them on our website where people could download good pictures of the “last night party”. After that I started a new company: hostess for events. I hired some good looking friends that wanted to work in clubs and events, promoting products. It didn’t go as good as I thought, so after that I started supporting my best friend on a record label that he created when we finish with our trial on the website. I also worked on a radio and producing concerts.

Few years later I started in beauty pageants, first as candidate and later as producer. I moved to Madrid because of the Fashion Industry and after some things that happened in my life I moved out to London, stayed there for another year before moving out to Mexico City, the place where I’m living for already 2 years and a half.

Here in Mexico I work as brand manager in the most amazing Mexican clothing company, and I have a small social media business. ¡Ay Güey! (The brand I work for) has more than 40 stores around the country, and I have to create content for the other brands I run, so I travel a lot.

In the meanwhile, I was traveling as much as possible. I was counting the countries I have been and the number is… 17, around three continents: America, Europe and Africa. The reason is because I’m a curious person, I love to discover new things, I can’t be in a place for much time. Once you start traveling is impossible to stop, because every travel change you a little bit. Do you know that humans lived as nomads for 99% of our history? Well… this can be an explanation.

In that journey I have met a lot of new people, some celebrities, actors, real heroes, business woman and men, politicians, athletes… I also made and lost a lot of friends. I discovered the loneliness, the happiness, the compassion, the sadness, the poorness, extravagance… Different religions, customs and traditions, food… And the truth is I’m still looking for my place on Earth. I like to think that my actual place is the world, not only a country. I don’t believe in frontiers, but that is another story. I travel because this is who I am, I feel that I belong to nowhere.


We travel to change, not a place, but ideas. – Hipolito Taine.


More about my last destinations:


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