100 Days Project. Day 1.

Versión en Español

There are things I haven’t had the time to share about yet… Like work stuff, trips, thoughts. I’m going to take 100 days writing and posting here. I really want to do it. The truth is I’m not doing this for the first day today, it’s like more than 15 days away from now that I’m waking up 1 hour before and coming to my work earlier after my morning run. It helps me coming home sooner and avoiding traffic jams to have more time to write.

Waking up earlier help me on this life, trying to work, write, travel and being an entrepreneur at the same time. Could be not that easy sometimes but I feel really good everytime I write and express myself. So I guess the time is now! This blog is about to be 3 years soon. The name is great and many people I know today is because of the producer I created with this platform.

This is not the only thing I’m doing now. Suddenly some of the those I like came together. Responsibilities, decisions, frustrations, experiences, lessons and moments. Moments count a lot. At least for me.Motivation?
– IG: @AnaPaula_Vergara. She’s a painter who I discovered this project with. You can follow her account to see 100 Days Project: Painting.

MorningRiser.com best playlists for running and tips to enjoy more your mornings.

Mike. There’s nothing like working on something you really like with your mentor who support you in every good idea.

Me. Because once you hear the idea of being the best version of yourself everyday, you can’t change your mind. And what is even worst is to make an inner analysis and realize that there are a lot of opportunity areas.


Cita en la Cima by Raimon Samsó
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

The 4 hour workweek by Tim Ferriss

Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra

Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins

Enjoy, comment, follow…! You know how it works.

#100DaysProjectJast. Day 1/100: 7 km (my knee is hurting but I like the way my body feels)

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