Cleaning out my closet

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Once you get used to move out often you discover that ‘moving out’ is as difficult as the quantity of stuff you own. And every time I change things out of their place, I discover many useless stuff that stays there because I thought I will use it someday or what is worse: because of nostalgia. Ok, it’s not going to happen. You won’t wear it again.

Living in big cities forced you to fit into small spaces. And get rid of things makes you feel free… Especially when you are a traveller!

So… How to clean out your closet?

Ask yourself the next questions:

1.Does this fit? If it is too big or too small and you own it for more than 2 months…

2.This is damage in any way? Things come and go… Will you actually get repaired in the next days?

3.Have you worn it in the last year? Actually, have you ever worn it?

4.Is it represent your style? Your age, profession, hobby…? Do you feel confident wearing it?

If you say no to any of the questions above is time to get rid of that clothing. Trust me, you won’t need it. Wondering what are you going to do with them? These are the options you have:

Donate. Consider donating clothes that are still in good condition.

Sell. You can get some extra money. There are some websites called “Fashion Markets”: DepopMarket, Wallapop, EBay, MaterialWrld

Trash. The hardest option but the best. Don’t keep damaged things, they affect your Qi ;).


Cleaning out your closet, rearranging the furniture and throw things away makes you feel better, relief. It has an effect on your mind. Try this as therapy. In my last cleaning, 3 weeks ago, I got rid of 3 large bags of clothes I didn’t use in the last year. To pack is easier now and everything looks neater.

There is nothing that I missed. Actually, I feel there is more room for new things. Is this a metaphor for life? I don’t know. But it definitely works for me.

“Have nothing in your house that you don’t know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”. – William Morris

#100DaysProjectJast. Day 2/100: 6.5 km (not bad)


– Trend in Japan: Extreme minimalism. This video is about the man that only own 3 shirts.

– Ted Talk: Is your stuff stopping you?

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