Oaxaca – Zipolite

It’s been more than two years since I’m in Mexico and I didn’t stop traveling around this country because every place is amazing and magic in their own way. This year I went to Oaxaca, a state in southern Mexico known for its indigenous cultures and traditions and I discover one of my favorites places for relaxation.

The place where I stayed was Zipolite, a beach best know as being the most popular “nude beach” in the country. No guys, I didn’t know it until I got my taxi at the airport (Ha!). The man asked us if we were coming because of the nude event that was going to take place in the beach. That was funny, because that wasn’t the reason but from that moment we knew we were going to have fun. The flight landed at Huatulco and from there were 1 hour and $1,000 MXN (50€) to get the beach. (There are also buses in the same airport)

Huatulco from the air

Hotel: El Alquimista

A little boho-style hotel with huts as rooms, yoga area, pool, spa and the best restaurant in the area. I think the only thing missed was more privacy on the beach, because it was open to everyone, but from Monday to Friday there wasn’t anyone around.

Food 1: El Alquimista Restaurant

As I said before, you will find the best food at El Alquimista Restaurant. I ate everyday there because they have different options for breakfast, lunch and dinner and the service is available even in the beach and if you don’t want to take the risk and bring your own wine selection you can do it, only paying for the “uncork”.

Ceviche - Hotel El ALquimista Zipolite

Food 2: Posada México

Closer to the city there are many options, but on the beach you can find Posada Mexico. The food is not awesome, but they have different areas for dinner and also music shows by night.

Posada México - Zipolite

Zipolite Zipolite Zipolite Zipolite

Food 3: The best Mexican Ceviche ever (Mazunte)

Get a motorcycle ($500 MXN per day) and travel around the different beaches. Another popular one is called Mazunte and is 30 minutes away from Zipolite. Once you get there you will find “KAPRICHO” a restaurant with the best Ceviche.

img_4445 img_4413 img_4419 Mazunte

Other things to do?

– Get lost in the jungle.

A friend suggested me to call a tourist guide (his friend) and he took us to the “Magical Waterfalls”. It was an awesome experience, going around the jungle to find that place, take a bath and a natural “Clay Treatment” for the skin.

He also invited us to taste the delicious Deer, a very traditional dish. I didn’t like it so much but they did, so you have to give a try.

Tourist guide: David (+52 1 958 130 4339)

img_2113 img_1999 img_2037 img_2074 img_2067 img_2155 img_2154 img_1932 img_1929


– Wake up early and watch the sunrise

Sunrise Zipolite Oaxaca Sunrise Zipolite Oaxaca Sunrise Zipolite Oaxaca Sunrise Zipolite Oaxaca

– Buy some natural products

While traveling to the Waterfalls we stopped in a place where we find natural products and coffee (one of the best) or chocolate.

img_2118 img_1956Have you ever been there? Any other suggestion?

#100DaysProjectJast. Day 5/100. (8km – 07:10pm)

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