3 essentials for entrepreneurship by ¡Ay Güey! 


The company I’m working is called ¡Ay Güey!. A clothing brand with designs inspired by the Mexican culture. As you may know it’s a successful company with 50 stores in Mexico, 1 in the US and 2 online stores in only 8 years. How is it possible to become a successful company in the retail industry nowadays? There are many things that make this happen, today I’m gonna tell you three of those

1. Passion

One of the things you don’t learn about entrepreneurship in college is that the first thing you need to have for any new project is passion. That’s not that romantic as it sounds, is actually the fuel you are going to need for facing all the inconvenients you will have in the future. I’m not saying that you don’t need a business plan, financial control or a commercial strategy but that is on books. I’m talking about that “something” that helps a entrepreneur to make the difference.

I listened about new projects lately and most of them start with the purpose of getting money. Of course we all are looking for a reward when investing our time, the most important resource we have, but money is a consequence. Be prepare for earning nothing the first 2 or 3 years running your business.

Think about this for a second, the average people spend more than the 70% of their lifetime working. Do you think is fair to do something you are not passionate about during your adult life? Probably you don’t, that’s why this feature is so important. Be passionate about what you do or change what you are doing.

Miguel Ángel started his company in 2007 with the idea of changing Mexico, a country that had lost their roots and that prefer to buy any brand but local ones. He accepted being called crazy because he was thinking different. The Rebel Sell!. Two months later he opened his first store in Galerias Coapa, a medium-high level place at the south of the City. How? He told his idea to everybody until someone believe in him because of the way he talked about the brand. In 2010 with 15 stores already he was looked for a multimillionaire investor that wanted to open stores in the main Malls in the country. He did it. Two of the three new stores were opened in the most important malls in Latin America. Who was the one that sold the idea with the same enthusiasm again? Of course Miguel Angel. What do you think about passion now?

Miguel Ángel Rodríguez

2. Concept Brand

A good project, a good name, a good plan are not the only things you need today. If you don’t sell an idea you are very exposed to be lost in the sea of new brands around the world. You need to sell something unique and this is not about the product, you need a whole new concept. That means that your brand have to be more than good products to be sold, it needs values, purposes and believes.

¡Ay Güey! claims to be a brand created 100% in Mexico. All people working there want to have a better place for living, all ideas start in-house, we pay all taxes and every product is produced in the country. We want to do things right, we want to create Mexican products made with high quality standards and promote the culture through designs that make culture wearable.

This is one of the top sellers: PAU PAU, a hoodie that can be a bag.

Every piece of our collection shows our purpose, but not only the products. The stores also have a little bit of that Beautiful Mexico you can’t see everyday. The music, the ambience or the look of those Pueblo Mágicos that preserve their roots and traditions.

Visit one of our stores here: http://bit.ly/MapaIsaCat

3. Values

Everyone in the company needs to know the direction their are going to take when they have to make a decision. Having defined values helps you guiding others in the same direction you are taking. In the company, we are Jaguar Warriors and these are some of our ideals:

– Being honest

– Believe in what we are doing

– Being constantly learning

– Pushing ourselves

– Being kind

– Being supportive

Our mission? To become one of the most representative brands from Mexico around the world.
This is what I do for ¡Ay Güey! México. Embrace the good things we have and look for solving others that aren’t working close to the values. It’s an example of how different can be your project if you believe in what you do!

Do you know any other?

He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life. – Muhammad Ali.

#100DaysProjectJast. (Day 6/100: 8.24 km – 08:00 am)


Book: The Rebel Sells (why the culture can’t be jammed)


¡Ay Güey! Website

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