Girl talk

Before I started these new topics on the blog, someone tell me once: It’s not a good idea. I don’t want to read nothing too serious from a 23 years old girl. I don’t trust if you talk about good food, good music or probably politics. Because, you know, girls talk about girl things.

My neighbor was surprised because we were discussing the last soccer game on the elevator. I liked football! What a surprise… Because you know, girls don’t like football, they like football players, probably.

Some people tend to make commentaries about how pretty I am and why I fit in the position in the company, because of that. It wasn’t because all the years I was working on building my reputation and job training.

A guy that crash my car this weekend made me “shut the f*** up” because I didn’t have voice to talk about how he drives. I was only a girl in a world managed by men, in a country where law only works for those who have money enough to buy it.

I’m sick of the line: “But girls normally…”

If you think like that, you are a little bit wrong: GIRLS favorite color is not always pink. Not all women like to cook, some of us like to talk about sports, politics, sex, cars… The period is not an excuse, a few want to be President, some of us want to be business women and don’t want kids.

We are not only GIRLS or WOMEN, we are different from each other. And we are sick of you. You, the one that don’t understand this.

I don’t want to be a women who is a leader, I just want to be a leader.

Does it seem surprising to talk about this right now?

#100DaysProjectJast. (Day 7/100 –)


  • Facebook COO: Why we have too few women leaders? (15:28 min)
  • A leader: Color blind or color brave? (14:15 min)
  • Another leader: What it takes to be a great leader? (09:19 min)

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